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FaceBook and The Party Crashers

It never fails. Someone comes through the door (alright not a literal door but into our online space) looking despondent, despairing of life and getting ready to walk the plank. Before they jump and say goodbye to this cruel online world they are ready to vent and fume. The problem? Nothing works. They can’t get the traffic they wanted and their last try was social networks. The so called fact that has put them over the edge? That social networking doesn’t work. Did they have to give up on life and traffic? no – they could have just accepted social networks for what they are.

The number one reason most people come to us worn out and claiming online publishing, blogging and marketing doesn’t work, even with social networks to get the word out about their space, is that they approach it for what it never was to begin with. Lean forward Matey –


At parties people socialize. Only obnoxious people spend all their time talking about themselves or selling their wares. Even if your Facebook page is about a particular subject or product, rather than always talking about your product or your blog, talk to people  about the things that concern them.  You need to engage on related issues EVEN IF THEY ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THAN WHATS ON YOUR BLOG. In social settings people  care about what interests them. As you know we always give example on the Art of The Blog. So here’s an example of a company’s Facebook Page that is as dry as chip. Its from the worse bank I have ever had to deal with in my life – Regions Bank


Now to be fair. they try every now and again but if this were a bank that didn’t have advertising and a very large base they would die. They get traffic to their Facebook page not from their FB page. You get no sense that Regions Bank cares about you – which is probably a good thing since they don’t. A good Facebook page should engage people not push product. Figure that out for your niche and you are more than half way there.

What You Blog Needs is Swag? Heres Four that Bounce

Developing your voice is probably one of the best things you can do to become a successful blogger. Its not just what you say or how you report on things – its the way you say it. People want to be both informed and entertained at the same time in opinion pieces. There’s a time for straight news of course and people tend to like straight news without flavor. However, if you state your point of view or you are discussing an issue that is not “just the facts maam” then your “voice” is all important to gather regular readers.

Look at this way. The web is full of pages that just report the facts. How do you gain readers against huge news organizations that can cover facts much faster and more in depth than you? You can give a point of view that they can’t and you can engage in the very kind of entertainment that the news organizations generally try to seperate from their news. As is our habit though, theres no way for us to just describe flavor and point of view, so instead of talking about it lets look at four blogs that show it and are growing because of it.


Here’s a blogger that is just in touch with ordinary life. She pulls together so much data but it comes in in such a folksy way it just seems likes she’s having coffee on your couch.

Yeah when we say “swag” – its just your voice. She isn’t big city tough swag.


This blogger is more into the fashion world than cup of Joe but you won’t see a lot of models. You’ll just see her. As the saying goes -“just do you”. That’s what she does and in a niche that can be very lucrative especially as an influencer.

Neil Patel: Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing!

We’re going to go the opposite way here and pick a blog thats all business. You probably already know Neil. Neil is different. He’s got his swag from being perceived as an expert marketer. A lot of that perception was created by HIM – Now thats marketing! Neil doesn’t look like a rock star or even talk like one. His rock star status comes from knowing marketing very very well. Knowledge is a great swag.

Finally from today (and this is in no particular order).


Female bloggers are everywhere and men bloggers tend to talk about sports, politics and money. So what happens if you hit a niche that should be so obvious but it isn’t?  You get a hit and a void filled . Kyle’s blog is just about being a man and he does it very very well.

That’s just four and I picked the more subtle-in-style bloggers to make you know that you can do it too.

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